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About Zombie Tales FPS Creator

Zombie Tales is a first person zombie shooter for iPhone and iPad. Both versions include a level editor with an intuitive easy to use touch interface. You can build, share and rate yours and others creations. Easily create and play stories from the zombie apocalypse.

Game play features:
  • 3d FPS gameplay.
  • Console style twin thumb pad controls.
  • Simple tap to shoot accuracy.
  • Multiple weapons to unlock.
  • Ragdoll deaths.
Editor features:
  • 100s of assets included NO in-app purchases.
  • Change the sky and fog conditions.
  • Add zombies, barricades and safehouses etc.
  • In game screen shot to show off your map.
Sharing features:
  • Browse featured, trending, latest, most downloaded and top ranked user created levels.
  • Upload and share your creations.
  • Play and up vote your favorite.
  • Create an awesome map and it will be featured!

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